Care Information

Pet Food Included

We Provide Pedigree Adult dry dog food and Meow Mix dry Cat Food.
If providing your own food¬†please package your pet’s food in ziploc bags with your pets name and your last name for each feeding.
If your pet uses canned food, please bring only unopened cans.

Items from home

Toys and treats from home are allowed, please label your pets belongings and only bring washable items. Please leave you pets bedding, bowls, Tupperware, and breakable items at home.

Pets with special needs

Please notify us if your dog is afraid of thunderstorms.
Geriatric dogs are boarded in a separate quiet room. Limited availability. Please call for details.


 Our Facility is equipped with 24 hours Video Surveillance.

In Case of Emergency

We will take your pet to your primary veterinarian or Tri-County Emergency Clinic